Certified Business Brokers | Pittsburgh Business Brokers with 32+ years of expertise in the sale of a company.  TM Business Brokers, LLC serves Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and surrounding states.

We have offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Raleigh, NC along with satellite offices in Columbus, OH, Steubenville, OH, and Philadelphia, PA.

Our associates are professionals, including CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), CBIs (Certified Business Intermediaries), and marketing experts skilled in assisting business owners with maximizing the sale price of their company in a strictly confidential manner.

We get deals done.

And yes, we continue to get deals done even in today’s economy when many business brokers have gone out of business.

Our company President, Tony McDaniel, has 32 years’ experience working with small to medium-sized companies in many industries. Nobody in the local area, and few people nationally, has Tony’s credentials. He is a retired CPA and has been certified by four prominent national business broker organizations. This experience has resulted in our firm’s unique process that helps business owners not only successfully sell their company but also for maximum value.

Many business owners have a substantial portion of their overall personal net worth tied up in their business value. Many owners unknowingly leave a sizable amount of their net worth at the closing table. Don’t take this risk by leaving the sale of your business in inexperienced hands. If you needed open-heart surgery, would you use a resident or a foot doctor for that matter? The same concept applies when selling your company. Experience counts!

We have an extensive network of buyers and financing sources to get deals done.  Our process, buyers and lenders will not only save you significant time but also put substantially more money in your pocket at closing.

Please contact us today to learn how our process can help you.

Sell YOUR Business…for MORE Money…Confidentially ™