Health Insurance for Small Business

Pittsburgh | Raleigh Business Brokers – TM Business Brokers, via Tony McDaniel,  recently requested LinkedIn recommendations for health insurance for the raleigh small business owner.

Following are the recommendations:

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William BlackmonWilliam Blackmon • Now this is a great questions. I am all ears as I wish to learn more about what services are out there for NC based small business.
Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams • There is no blanket answer on what is the best health insurance for the small business owner – each situation is going to be different. Depending on how many employees, what health conditions may already exist, how many dependants, etc will go into the equation when we make recommendations on a carrier and/or a plan. I always meet with my clients individually to go over what their budget and needs are and we find the right carrier and plan based upon that information.

There’s a lot of small business owners out there that are paying more for their health insurance than they need to. Always a good idea to talk to a health insurance specialist and have an insurance review. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Many of the plans will include vision and dental is generally sold separately. I have found a carrier that has an excellent plan and is about half the price of BCBS’s dental.

Naturally, I’d be happy to assist! Another thing the small business owner should look at is disability insurance. Its important to protect the income!


Shelli Dallacqua

Shelli Dallacqua • I highly recommend Forrester and Associates in Durham. They specialize in providing health benefits as well as vision and dental for small businesses. They’ll give you a free quote. You can find more information on their website at I use Rachel Lyons as my consultant and you can contact her at

Dan Daniel, CLU, MBA

Dan Daniel, CLU, MBA • Strategic Employee Benefit Services (SEBS) is a Member of the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. We provide value added services in addition to brokering health plans from Blue Cross, United Healthcare and others. I’d be happy to assist you with your needs. I can be reached at (919) 755-3242.

Mike Komives

Mike Komives • I recommend you contact Phil Wolf of the Insurance Center of Durham. Phil is very knowledgeable about health insurance issues, helpful and realistic. I have personally watch Phil as a regular guest speaker at numerous workshops.

Gayle Hart

Gayle Hart • I was recently laid off and went into business for myself. I have no other employees, so this may not apply to your situation, but I registered with the Freelancers Union (, at no cost to me, and am planning to enroll in one of the Golden Rule plans United Health offers to union members–it is about half the cost of COBRA. I haven’t looked into it yet, but the Freelancers Union also offers some help with 401K and FSA.

Tamra Demello

Tamra Demello • Our company specializes in insurance for the self employed and small business owner. You have a lot of available options. I would welcome the opportunity to analyze your individual situation and custom design a solution that would meet your needs in the most cost effective way. I welcome the opportunity to help you in any way I can.

Jamie Glass

Jamie Glass • I also highly recommend Forrester Insurance in Durham. You will receive personalized, professional assistance.

Lauren Campbell

Lauren Campbell • Sit down with Brian Trebenski with ABEO Insurance Agency. He has helped several of small business owners we deal with and we have heard nothing but rave reviews! He will help evaluate your needs and really goes the extra mile for his clients. Please let me know if you need more contact information. He can be found at:

Tony McDaniel

Tony McDaniel • I appreciate the recommendations. Thank you for taking the time to provide them!


Landon Watts

Landon Watts • David Charland – Pierce Group Benefits (888) 662-7500