What’s Selling

The below provides a summary of top selling businesses according to a recent survey.  This is in response to buyers asking us “What’s Selling”?  The national survey revealed the following percentage breakdown of business sales by business types.

Retail businesses 17%
Food & Drink related business 14%
Auto related businesses 9%
Distribution type businesses 11%
Manufacturing businesses 16%
Service type businesses 25%
Other 5%
Professional Practices 3%

Service type businesses include dry cleaners, quick print, video stores, etc.   Other businesses include coin laundries, delivery, product, and vending routes, and any that don’t fit into the other categories listed.

What does this mean to you as a business owner?  It indicates that service type businesses seem to be creating the most activity from business buyers, followed by retail and the food and drink sector.  The service sector has also been the leader in businesses sold by business brokers for the previous two years.  This coincides with the growth nationally in the service sector coupled with the broad range of businesses included in it.

The food and drink sector, which includes restaurants, fast-food, taverns, etc., has always been a popular one for buyers.  One reason is that most people frequent these types of businesses on a regular basis and therefore are familiar with them.  Plus, there has always been a certain “celebrity” status connected with this sector.

However, statistics aside, today’s buyer has more knowledge, experience and education than ever before and is willing to consider almost any type of profitable business.

We have a strong backlog of buyers seeking all types of companies.  Contact TM Business Brokers Pittsburgh to learn whether or not you have a sellable business.  Do not make the mistake of relying on an adviser who does not sell companies for a living.  You may be delaying the sale of your business for the wrong reasons.

Now may be your time.  Contact the experienced professionals at TM Business Brokers Pittsburgh to confidentially discuss “your” situation today!