Pittsburgh | Raleigh Business Brokers – Preserving the American Dream…

Pittsburgh | Raleigh Business Brokers – Preserving the American Dream…

The tenets of this dream – owning a home, getting an education, having a job or owning a small business, and achieving financial self-sufficiency – are being crushed by regulations that are killing small businesses and the community-based financial institutions that support them.  The American Dream depends on jobs and opportunities and it’s well known that small businesses create the majority of new jobs, while community-based institutions disproportionately finance small business growth.

The importance of Main Street financial institutions, which drive the national economy one community at a time, cannot be underestimated.  By financing the small businesses that create 65% of new jobs, they drive consumer spending, which represents about 70% of the U.S. economy.  Today, however, “Big Bank” policies are limiting the ways that Main Street banks and credit unions can generate income and lend to small businesses, while subjecting them to onerous compliance burdens.  These and other policies are also harming small businesses by limiting their access to capital and burying them under regulations that consume valuable resources and increase operational costs.

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