Should I Hire a Business Lawyer?

Sellers and Buyers should have a business lawyer for preparation and review of the legal documents.  Make sure that the attorney you hire has time in his or her schedule to devote to your transaction and have relevant experience in advising buyers regarding business transfer transactions.  Lack of experience often translates into the buyer paying for education of the attorney.  Most business brokers have lists of attorneys who are familiar with the business buying process.  An experienced attorney can be of real assistance in making sure that all of the details are handled properly.  Business brokers are not qualified to give legal advice.

However, keep in mind that many attorneys are not qualified to give business advice. Your attorney will be, and should be, looking after your interests; however, you need to remember that the seller’s interests must also be considered. If the attorney goes too far in trying to protect your interests, the seller’s attorney will instruct his or her client not to proceed. The transaction must be fair for all parties. The attorney works for you, and you must have a say in how everything is done.

If you know someone who has owned their own business for a period of time, he or she may also be a valuable resource in answering your questions about how small business really works.

You have to make the final decision; that “leap of faith” between looking and actually being in business for yourself is a decision that only you can make!