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Tony T. McDaniel, CPA, CBB, BBN, ABC

Tony T. McDaniel, CPA, CBB, BBN, ABC


Tony has 32 years’ experience working with small to medium sized companies in many industries. Nobody in the local area, and few people nationally, has Tony’s credentials. He is a retired CPA and has been certified by four prominent national business broker organizations. This experience has resulted in our firm’s unique process that helps business owners not only successfully sell their company but also for maximum value.

Many business owners have a substantial portion of their overall personal net worth tied up in their business value. Many owners unknowingly leave a sizable amount of their net worth at the closing table. Don’t take this risk by leaving the sale of your business in inexperienced hands. If you needed open heart surgery, would you use a resident or a foot doctor for that matter? The same concept applies when selling your company. Experience counts!

Cristopher Maragos, CBI, CBB, SBC, Lifetime CBI

Cristopher Maragos, CBI, CBB, SBC, Lifetime CBI

Vice President

Cris has 26 years of business brokerage experience across a broad spectrum of small to medium-sized manufacturing, distribution, technology, retail, and service companies. Cris is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and a long-time member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). In 2016, the IBBA presented Cris with the honorable "Lifetime" Certified Business Intermediary distinction administered to only about 60 intermediaries in the world.

Cris earned his CBI credentials in 2001. The CBI is granted to a select group of individuals who are seasoned in the industry, have completed hours of course work related to the sale of a business and have passed comprehensive exams. As a prior owner of several companies, Cris understands the unique needs of business owners who wish to sell.

Our Listings

Commercial Services

Price: $3,225,000

Location: Western PA

Industry: Service

Listing ID: 2482

Total Sales: $5,810,411

Cash Flow: $921,415

Long-established commercial services business.  Excellent management team in place.

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Thriving Restaurant

Price: $1,440,000

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Industry: Restaurant

Listing ID: 2483

Total Sales: $3,731,764

Cash Flow: $480,636

A must-see restaurant.  Beutiful facility with modern decor.

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Fabrication Biz

Price: $2,930,000

Location: Pittsburgh

Industry: Fabrication

Listing ID: 2481

Total Sales: $5,160,967

Cash Flow: $977,105

Bank financing is already in place for a qualified buyer.   This turnkey business has been in operation for decades and has around $1,000,000 in cash flow.

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Light Manufacturing

Price: $2,952,000

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Industry: Light Manufacturing

Listing ID: 2480

Total Sales: $4,992,630

Cash Flow: $843,427

Long-established with a strong financial history.  Bank financing in place for a qualified buyer.

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Price: $6,198,000

Location: NE Ohio

Industry: Manufacturing

Listing ID: 2479

Total Sales: $9,203,755

Cash Flow: $1,377,341

Manufacturer with a stable history.

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